Keyboard - General Music

Level 1

Introduction to keyboard - keys arrangements, octaves - swaras on the keyboard
counting numbers with rhythm in various tempos.

Basic fingering lessons & timing lessons in 1st & 2nd speeds - music notation reading -playing notes in middle, upper & lower octaves - introduction to some useful functions of keyboard like transpose, tuning, style volume, dual voice, split voice, using various styles etc..

Level 2

Simple Rhymes, bhajans, devotional songs, patriotic songs, simple cine songs - singing swaras with keyboard

Level 3

Advanced bhajans, devotional songs, cine songs in 3 beats- songs with bgms, different types of rhythms - using registration memory in keyboard - playing songs with table beats provided by us - playing songs with karaoke - swara identification and ear training - playing song on hearing

Level 4 (optional)

Singing songs lyrics with keyboard - singing songs with karaoke

Level 5 (optional)

Introduction to Western notation, comparison of carnatic & western notes
- western chord theory, chord lessons, and playing chord for songs

Level 6 (optional)

Using virtual rhythm machines, and other tools, recording songs with software (audacity)/ basics of editing music, basics of composing music

Note : The approximate period of  completing the levels 1 to 3 will be around 40 - 50 classes, but it varies according to the student’s age, practice, prior knowledge and genetic advantages etc..A student is expected to practice for a minimum of 5 hrs in a week, after attending a 1 hour class in a week to complete the levels in normal period.

Keyboard - Carnatic
(Student should have completed Level 3 in General Music)

Level 7

Introduction to ragas & thalams -  sarali varisai - in 5/6 ragas - in 3 speeds & mixed speeds  - singing/playing keyboard with hand thalam - playing with mridhangam rhythm - jantai varisai - 2nd & 3rd speeds - dattu varisai & dattu malai - in 2nd & 3rd speeds

Level 8

Theory of thalas - saptha thala alankaram - in 3 speeds & also mixed speeds - singing alankaram with hand thalam - calculating total aksharas for thalams

Level 9

Geethams / Nottuswarams / Swarajathis / Alankarams in different ragas

Level 10

Varnams 4 - 5 (min)

Simple keerthanas, pitch recognition and tuning keyboard

Level 11

Higher level keerthanas, using the pith bend, legato, portamento settings of keyboard

Level 12

Rendering of raga alapana / kalpana swaram/ neraval, song notation writing

Level 13 

Audio/ MIDI  Recording / Editing in Acoustica Mixcraft

Note: Students learning carnatic are advised to keep their electronic sruthi box switched on when they practice, and also use the mridhangam talam provided by us. They are also advised to sing all notation with hand thalam in their levels, and also try to memorise the notes by practice. It will also be good to remember raga names, their arohanam / avarohanam, thala names, aksharas etc.,

For Western Music, please contact us for Syllabus