Advantages of our Online Classes  
1.  Students can learn from the basics to any level in music
2.  Lessons are written in Simple S R G M notation, and easy to read and learn.
3.  Start playing keyboard right from day one.. less theory and more practical
4.  Students will be playing with rhythm from day one, and hence  theywill acquire strong timing sense.
5. Lessons are prepared in a step-by-step way to suit all ages - a child to an elderly person.
6. Students need not buy any book for learning music, as all the stuff will be provided to them in pdf format., so that they can print out easily / or / open in laptop/tab/android mobile / ipad/ iphone
7. Unlike big music schools which keeps rotating the teachers for every class, all our classes will be handled by a single teacher so that the students will have personal touch and follow up.
8. Students will also be trained for special programs/concerts/recordings, if they want to participate in their City.
9. Support will be given for operating the student’s keyboard, whatever be its make/model.
10. Students will be provided with all information on the tools available for learning music, recording their own songs etc.
11. Students will also be provided with the required rhythms (mridangam/tabla beats) for learning carnatic music.
12. Voice recordings will be provided for songs wherever required,  to strengthen the
hearing knowledge/ and practice the songs perfectly.
13. Guidance will be given for purchase of keyboard.
14. Flexibility in class timing/day, makeup timings for missed classes, and classes can also be postponed with prior information in case of any emergency.
15. Students can also learn songs according to their choice in their level.